1 quad per person
Professional guide
Insurance in case of an accident
Maximum, minimum or recommended number of persons
Group size

Maximum 19 people

Duration of the event

5 hours

In which season is event available

April - September

Recommended attire for event
Dress notes

A bottle of water, sun cream, sunglasses, camera, sports wear, sneakers, a towel

Safety rules
Safety rules

Take your valid ID and driving licence. Only those with driving licence can drive quads.

Place where event takes place

Hills above Split

Travel time to the event destination
Travel time

30-45 minutes to the starting point

Behavior notes for the customers
Behaviour notes

No alcohol allowed before & during this event

Even if you are a very beginner, with help of our instructors you’ll soon be blasting down the road.

On 40 km long road we are going to take you up in to the mountains Dinare, then back down to Cetina river canyon and to the cliffs located near the Adriatic sea.

The road is not made of asphalt, so there will be no traffic, just you, your friends, quads and wild nature.

To avoid being close to starvation, there will be a perfect barbecue lunch with juicy meat prepared for your stag group.

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