Driving in a classic 1973 old-timer VW T2 van with a loud sound system
15 minutes on a sea trampoline
Polaroid photos
Cliff jumping
Fresh fruit and cold drinks
Go-Pro action videos
Snorkelling gear
Stand up paddle board
Duration of the event

One or half day beach hopping

In which season is event available

April - September

Place where event takes place

Split coast

Custom note

Special Remarks & Extra

This cars can be also used as transport from or to the airport. Instead of limo you can be driven in these fancy cars wherever you want.

Discover the best beaches around Split, driving from one to another with trendy beach bus with loud sound system, refreshment and a guide who will teach you how to play "Picigin" - the local's most popular beach game!

Not only you will spend the day in a crazy car, you will also try out amazing and little adrenaline activities! Enjoying the sea view is beautiful, but experiencing it at a first hand is even better! Our guide takes you to Croatian cliffs from which you can jump directly into the deep water! ...or just do sunbathing in case you would poop your pants.

There are surprises prepared for you also in the water. You can play on Venetian gondolier and sail on stand up paddle board, or you can put on a snorkelling gear and experience the underwater world (if you will be lucky, you can find a little Croatian mermaid.) With your stag group you can recall your boyish times and go jumping on a sea trampoline.

Does it sound amazing? There is one more surprise: We will provide you with Go-Pro camera and Polaroid to make sure you will remember your thrilling stag do in Split forever! Is there any place where you can go wild in crazy coloured old-timers? ...Only in Croatia. :)

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