Games of: dynamic X's & O's game, football billiards, target shooting with paintball rifles, bow shooting
1 bottled or draught local beer 0,5 litre
assistance of professional staff speaking English who will supervise the safety and track the scoring records
Maximum, minimum or recommended number of persons
Group size

standard capacity: up to 18 persons playing at the same time
minimum: 6 persons
maximum: groups above 18 persons will be split in smaller parts
Max. 16 people

Duration of the event

1 hour for groups of 6 to 10 persons
1,5 hour for groups of 11 to 18 persons

Our country games include games such as dynamic X's and O's, paintball gun target shooting, bow and arrow shooting, and football billiards.

The booking includes an English-speaking guide who will explain the games to you and can help you keep score, so you know who the ultimate winner will be!

Additionally, the booking includes a bottle of beer for you to enjoy after you have finished playing.

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