city centre

Breakfast options



free wifi

Which room types are available
Room types

double/twin rooms, triple rooms, apartment

Food and drink options
Food & Drink

bar & restaurant

Leisure facilities options
Leisure Facilities


More available services

luggage storage

List of room equipment
Room equipment

ensuite bathroom, TV, air-conditioning, safe

Smoking policy
Smoking policy

no smoking

Information regarding check-in time
Check-in time

2.00 PM

Information regarding check-out time
Check-out time

11.00 AM

Official rating
Official rating

3 stars

Hotel Bellevue is a 3-star hotel that is located in the centre of Split, and thus makes a good base for exploring the city.

The hotel has a bar and restaurant, as well as an outdoors terrace to enjoy during nice weather. Additionally, the hotel offers free WiFi, air-conditioning, and luggage storage.

This hotel offers different types of rooms such as twin, single, double, and triple rooms, so there is sure to be a room that fits your needs.

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