close to beach, 4,5 km from city centre

Breakfast options

continental, buffet


free wifi

Which room types are available
Room types

double rooms, triple rooms, apartments

Food and drink options
Food & Drink

bar & restaurant

Leisure facilities options
Leisure Facilities

beachfront, terrace, garden

More available services

luggage storage, airport shuttle

List of room equipment
Room equipment

ensuite bathroom, TV, air-conditioning

Smoking policy
Smoking policy

no smoking

Information regarding check-in time
Check-in time

2.00 PM

Information regarding check-out time
Check-out time

10.00 AM

Official rating
Official rating

2 stars

Located a few minutes away from the city centre and from the beach, this villa is an excellent base from which you can explore the city.

The reservation also includes a bottle service to help you get in the mood and get the party going.

Additionally, there is free WiFi, air-conditioning, a TV, a BBQ, and a bathroom with a bathtub.

In short, this villa has everything you need for a luxurious stay on a wonderful location in Split!

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