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Our Split partying programs include all you need - pretty guides for nightlife, handy accommodation, yacht rentals, adrenaline activities and entry to best clubs & seafood restaurants.

  • Largest city on Croatia's coast
  • Heavily visited by young people from Europe
  • Perfect Base for weekly Yacht rental trips
  • Variety of Activities & Packages for any Budget and Taste
  • Local Operation with our Female Guides

Split City Guide

Split City Guide

In the second largest city in Croatia you will find an ideal combination of year-round warm weather, great places for relaxation and beautiful local women.

Although spending the whole day lying on the beach is tempting, Split is also the perfect environment to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy exciting and unusual activities such as Rafting, Canyoning or Sea Kayaking.

The prices remain affordable so you don't need to worry about going broke.

The city has a mix of a humid subtropical and a Mediterranean climate. This means Split experiences hot, moderately dry summers and mild, wet winters.

With about 250,000 people living in its urban area & unformal status of capital of Dalmatia the city promises a homey atmosphere but don't be fooled, it will also go wild especially during the summer nights.

Split Nightlife

Split Nightlife

Due to warm temperatures the city of Split boasts a lively nightlife from April to October.

During the summer, the city comes alive not only on weekends but also during the entire week. That time of year parties happen mostly outdoors, on open-air concerts, festivals, bars and restaurants.

But the spring & autumn don't lag behind with epic parties mostly in inside venues.

The perfect way to begin your night out on the town is with a drink on the seaside promenade Riva.
Then it's time to move to the palace to party in one of the many bars found in the narrow streets of Old Town.

Hit the dancefloor at some of the hottest clubs in the city and party until the early morning hours with beautiful local babes & tourists.

Split Practical Tips

Split Practical Tips

Flights to Split from the UK take around 2,5 hours and are available from a variety of cities all over the country.

While there why not check out some of the local drinks.

Split has a long-lasting wine-making tradition with local types such as Grk, Malvazija, Grasevina, Plavac Mali and others.
During daytime the wines are often served with water, we recommend the refreshing Gemisht which is white wine with sparkling mineral water.

Don't forget to also taste the local fruit brandy called rakija. They are often homemade and contain about 40% alcohol.
There are many different types such as travarica made from herbs, orahovac made from walnuts or sljivovica made from plums.

The official language of the country is Croatian and the local currency is the kuna.

Some useful words you might need include:
- "Bok" = hello/goodbye
- "Molim" = please
- "Hvala" = thank you
- "Jedno pivo molim" = One beer please
- "Ne govorim hrvatski" = I don't speak Croatian

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